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Beaulieu Lab Certified (BLC)

Customer satisfaction, quality product and sustainability are fundamental aspects of the Beaulieu company vision. The company is constantly improving its procedure to respect those criterias, for the well-being of everyone. Beaulieu is proud to unveil its new quality certification: Beaulieu Lab Certified (BLC). 
For each category of hard surface flooring, many tests are performed to ensure a strict quality control and the conformity with industry regulation. A physical inspection is executed during the manufacturing process to verify the colour, the length, the width, etc. 
Moreover, advanced tests are done in a laboratory by a specialised firm. Listed below is a brief overview of the many tests performed:
   • Dimensional change coefficient in the presence of heat
   • Bending in the presence of heat
   • Average dimension and weight deviations
   • Wear and abrasion resistance
   • Volatility
   • Density
   • Etc.
Each test is documented with detailed reports, photos and videos to guarantee the accuracy. Beaulieu is therefore confident that its products maintain high quality criteria.
The majority of Beaulieu hard surface flooring will now respect this certification and they will be easily recognisable by the BLC logo on the product box. Beaulieu is one of the only flooring manufacturers and distributers to require these tests for its hard surface products. The company believes this is a crucial step for an enhanced quality control. 


FloorScore, developed by the Resilient Floor Covering Institude (RFCI) in conjunction with SCS Global Services (SCS), tests and certifies hard surface flooring and flooring adhesive products for compliance with rigorous indoor air quality emissions requirements.


A flooring purchase is a long-term decorating investment. Proper care and cleaning can make a big difference in retaining the appearance and performance of your floor over time.


Sustainability, renewable energy, solar energy, and hydroelectricity are some of the many ways Beaulieu encourages the green shift. 


Customer satisfaction, quality product and sustainability are fundamental aspects of the Beaulieu company


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