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There are four simple tips to keep your carpet beautiful.

+ Use entrance mats
Place walk-off mats inside and outside entrances to your home to trap soil before it can be tracked in. Be sure to clean mats weekly to ensure they don’t become soil sources. Avoid latex-backed runners which may yellow the carpet.

+ Vacuum regularly
Regular, thorough vacuuming will remove dust and gritty dirt particles and reduce the abrasion that can dull and wear carpet fibres. A rotating brush power-head vacuum raises the carpet pile while it removes the soil. Change the vacuum bag often. To reduce matting, change the direction of vacuuming occasionally.

Attention:some vacuums have aggressive brushes that may damage the pile surface. Refer to the Carpet and Rug Institute ( for approved vacuum cleaners and details.

+Clean up spills immediately
Prompt attention to spots and spills will make removal easier. Always blot the area being cleaned, never rub, scrub or brush. If stain persists, use the cleaning method described in the Spot Removal Guide.

+Schedule professional cleanings

Choose a qualified cleaning service, experienced in the latest techniques for advanced generation fibres and have your carpet professionally cleaned every 12-18 months (keep all receipts for proof of cleaning). High traffic areas and lighter carpet colours may require cleaning more often. Hot water extraction is the preferred method, using products which are non-cationic and have a pH level less than 10. Non-approved cleaning products or treatments will void your warranty.

Download complete care and maintenance guide (Tryesse).
Download complete care and maintenance guide (Coronet).


A flooring purchase is a long-term decorating investment. Proper care and cleaning can make a big difference in retaining the appearance and performance of your floor over time.


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