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Secondary backing refers to any fabric that has been laminated to the tufted carrier (primary backing) of a carpet. The secondary backing provides additional dimensional stability to the carpet. During the manufacturing process, a latex compound consisting of styrene butadiene rubber (SBR or SB rubber) and filler like calcium carbonate are used as a pre-coat. Polyurethane can also be used. The richer the SB rubber compound is, the more strength it can provide to the tuft bind, piling and laminate. There are several types of secondary backings available but Beaulieu typically uses five in carpet construction: 
Actionbac (AB)
Actionbac provides an elastic secondary backing for stretch-in installations. Made from polypropylene, Actionbac is heat sensitive and resistant to mould and mildew, and rot. This type of secondary backing is designed for either commercial or residential stretch-in or direct glue-down methods of installations. ActionBac and other primary and secondary backings made from polypropylene are heat sensitive. 
Luxury Back (LB)
Luxury backing is produced by a unique blend of synthetic materials that provide comfort underfoot, sound absorption, noise reduction and enhanced thermal insulation. This type of secondary backing can be installed perfectly while still being wrinkle-free, pliable and non-abrasive to surfaces and walls. 
Action Felt (AF)
Action felt backing is in fact an actionbac to which we integrate a small amount of felt, to provide comfort underfoot and soft backing. This type of backing is not recommended for glue down applications.
Optibac is an option to an actionbac backing for lasting durability of your carpet and easy, scratch-free installation. 
Wrinkle Guard
Only our Wrinkle Guard premium carpet backing installs so perfectly and so wrinkle-free. The moment you see it and feel it, you’ll notice the difference between it and common backings. Its secret is its unique blend of synthetic high-density woven polypropylene fibres which provides extraordinary underfoot comfort and excellent dimensional stability. This upscale backing is less abrasive than most backings and is easier to slide over carpet cushion. Wrinkle Guard is our exclusive carpet backing with the “lays flat, stays flat” guarantee.


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