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Magic Fresh
Magic Fresh is a natural, odour-reducing carpet treatment that is exclusive to Beaulieu. The effectiveness of this unique formula has been compared to placing a box of baking soda in your refrigerator to eliminate overpowering smells. Magic Fresh works by breaking down common household odours such as pets, food and cigarette smoke, leaving your living spaces clean and fresh. Magic Fresh does not simply mask odours, but chemically absorbs and decomposes them over a period of time. The self-renewing formula is applied directly to the carpet fibres during the manufacturing process and remains effective for the life of your carpet.

Silver Release
Silver Release is a safe to use antimicrobial carpet treatment that naturally obstructs the growth of odour and stain causing bacteria, mold and mildew. This unique carpet treatment is produced using silver icon technology and is added directly to the carpet fibres during the manufacturing process. The Silver Release technology ions bond directly to the carpet fibres and inhibit microbes that cause odour and stains. The Silver Release treatment is immediately effective and will last the entire life of your carpet.

3M Scotchgard
3M Scotchgard  
Protector is a barrier treatment that is applied directly around each individual fibre during the manufacturing process. This carpet treatment provides superb protection against dirt and stains.

SoilScreen offers special soil resistance properties that work to repel common surface particles. SoilScreen
TMhelps keep your carpet looking newer for longer.

Stain Control
Stain Control is an anti-stain technology that provides advanced resistance to surface soiling and staining. This carpet treatment allows for the easy removal of most household stains.

Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatment offers a higher level of protection against bacteria, mold and mildew.


A flooring purchase is a long-term decorating investment. Proper care and cleaning can make a big difference in retaining the appearance and performance of your floor over time.


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